About your images

We outsource our printing to a trusted print lab in California who utilizes our color profile; it ensures the prints will match with what we see on our monitors.  We do not offer digital images or release reprint rights.  The reason we handle prints this way is that we want to ensure the prints are of a professional and high quality (ink, color, paper, materials, printer... etc).  Our images are a direct reflection of our work and it’s important for us deliver our best work to you every time.  Since we are in the digital age and we know how anxious most people are to share their wonderful photos on social media sights, we offer our clients the opportunity receive low res images with our PNC Photography logo watermark (must remain on the photos at all times) for online use only

We choose the best images from your shoot and put them into an online gallery with very minimal basic edits for you to choose your favorites for print.  Once you have chosen your favorites we will post-process the images for your final review before sending them to print.  We will leave the gallery open for a year should you want to print more later in the year.  We keep all of our images in an archive--if after a year you want to print more contact us and we will re-open a gallery for you to view your images.


We have a mobile studio.  Dependant on what type of photography services we are providing you with, we will determine what we need to bring and how much space we will need.  If you have pets and we’re shooting indoors, we ask that you please vacuum the area we will be occupying so that it’s free of any fur or dander, as fur/dander tends to show up on the backdrops or on your clothing and can be difficult to remove in the photographs.


We have both paper and muslin (cloth) backdrops in two colors, white or black.  We also have a green screen that we mainly only use for our composite sessions.


We do not bring any props with us unless you have specifically requested we bring something.  If you want non-traditional photos and have more creative ideas for your shoot, please share it with us, we love going outside of the box and capturing unique shots.

Composite Photos

We offer composite sessions just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll map it out before hand and discuss it with you.  What is a composite photo?  It’s a single photo comprised of several other photos which basically tells some kind of story or shares the focus with other dramatic details in the photograph.  Here are a couple of samples of composite photos.